Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dentist Should Mean Get Out Of Pain Today…

…not “the dentist can fit you in next week.”

Emergency dentist calls are always important to us. We take your pain or injury seriously and the dentist will do what he must to get you in today. Isn’t that what you want to hear from your dentist when you call with dental pain?

If this is a dental emergency, please call the dentist at  for same-business day dentist treatment.

“First Visit with Dr. Shamblott…I had an urgent need and Dr. Shamblott saw me on the spur of the moment. It was my first time at his clinic. I was VERY impressed and will highly recommend him!”

One in four people in the US has an oral injury in their lifetime

Many dental injuries can be avoided by taking some simple dentist-recommended precautions:

  • wearing a mouth guard during sports and recreation
  • staying away from hard foods such as candy that may crack a tooth

Accidents do happen, however, and it is important to know what actions your dentist recommends you take immediately (see articles below). Injuries to the mouth may include:

  • teeth that are knocked out (avulsed)
  • teeth forced out of position and loosened (extruded)
  • fractured tooth
  • cut lips, gums or cheeks

Oral injuries are often painful and should be treated as soon as possible. Should a dental emergency happen, call and set a dentist appointment now…

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