“John’s” Story

June 16, 2011 // Leave your thoughts

Photo by TruShu

“John” came to our office because he had a huge dental phobia. This phobia started off from a bad experience he had as a child. “John” considered making an appointment for many months before finally getting up enough courage to call our office. We got “John” in for his initial appointment within a few days, so he wouldn’t have to worry about it for long.

During “John’s” first appointment, Dr. Shamblott did an initial exam and x-rays and we were able to help him through this first appointment. “John” discussed his huge dental phobia with Dr. Shamblott and they decided that his best route for treatment would to be sedation. We did “John’s” sedation consultation during his first visit and he left with all the information about his upcoming appointment and an estimate on his insurance coverage.

“John’s” wife dropped him off the day of his sedation appointment. She left her cell phone number with us and ran a few errands while “John” was asleep. During his 6 hour sedation appointment, Dr. Shamblott was able to get all of “John’s” treatment completed. We sent “John” and his wife home with written instructions on each procedure he had done and called him later in the day to check up on him. “John” recovered very quickly from the procedure and was able to go back to work the next day.

“John” now comes to our office every 6 months for his routine cleanings and exams with no problem. He does not worry or get nervous when having to call to make an appointment. He knows our staff by name and actually looks forward to his upcoming visits. We are proud to be able to help “John” overcome his dental anxiety and hope to help others do the same.


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