Shamblott Family Dentistry, Emergency Dentist, Sedation, Dental Fear - Scott, Kate and Rachel ShamblottMeet the Shamblott Family

Our Shamblott Family Dentistry family includes: Dr. Shamblott, his wife Kate, and their daughter, Rachel. Kate works in the office and Rachel makes frequent appearances with her dad on television, radio and video and is, of course, featured in many of the television and radio commercials for the practice. She especially enjoys helping her father connect and communicate with children and teens about their dental health.

Shamblott Family Dentistry – Friendly, Clean & Modern

One of the things that sets Shamblott Family Dentistry apart from most other dentists is that we actually deliver on our mission statement.  Everyone on our staff strives to make this happen.  We really want to make our patients leave our office happy and smiling.  For many of them, it’s the first time they will ever leave a dental office without having been traumatized by what happened or terrified of what comes next; so happy and smiling is a huge step up for them!

Shamblott Family Dentistry is a Hopkins Minnesota Dentist, focused on Emergency Dental Services, Sedation Dentistry and patients with Dental Fear/ Dental Phobia that strives to provide gentle care for families.